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Spectrum Enterprise came to us with the request for a bold way to show their restaurant clients how their latest offerings could help modernize their infrastructure, using a modernized spin on traditional direct mail piece. 

I worked with the Spectrum Enterprise team to develop and execute a package that would build an understanding of the power of the Spectrum ecosystem—quite literally! Instead of a simple mailer, restaurant owners received a custom-built mini Lego set with a variety decals to match their restaurant type.

Each package included the instructions to build a restaurant powered by an ecosystem of Spectrum technology, from point-of-sale registers to customer wi-fi, to security systems. A QR code then led customers to a landing page with information tailored to the restaurant industry and a quick form that would put them in touch with an industry expert.

My Role

Art Direction



Rico Lajom - Art Director

Mandy Stevens – Creative Director & Copywriter