NetApp TV

When NetApp launched NetApp TV, the company's streaming platform, they asked us to create their first few series. The episodes had to stand out against the sea of industry-leading conference sessions, announcements, breakouts, and more. We opted for lightly scripted web episodes that had the perfect mix of fun and education. We created two series, Watts the Future, an interview show with Matts Watts, NetApp's Chief Technology Evangelist and Rogue Ransomware, where NetApp's cybersecurity expert, Keith Assen, plays our tower defense video game to demonstrate how NetApp protects against ransomware attacks.

My Role

Art Direction Lead



Lexi White – ACD & Copywriter

Lex Jin Coelho – Art Director

Watts the Future

We created a production blueprint and brand identity for an interview style travel show with NetApp Technology evangelist Matt Watts. In the blueprint we laid out which topics he would cover, an estimated cost, how the show should be formatted, production guidelines, design elements and a style guide for how to use them. Some of the topics her covered include sustainability, IOT, quantum computing, and AI.

Rogue Ransomware

We created a tower defense game and recruited NetApp’s own cyber security, Keith Assen as our gamer and streamer. Rogue Ransomware features 3 levels, each with added difficulty to demonstrate how NetApp keeps customer data safe against every kind of attack and how to recover it if it's been compromised.