A group of dedicated veterinarians called the Gorilla Doctors needed to help garner donations and increase brand awareness to continue their successful efforts to protect one of the most endangered species alive. 

Animal conservation campaigns are often rooted in generating a tear-jerking response from the audience. Humans and gorillas have almost the exact same DNA; we share the same illnesses, emotions, and likes. 

Through the concept for this campaign, my copywriting partner and I created an award-winning idea to generating a sense of connection between the natures of gorillas and humans—with a little bit of a twist. Since social media plays a huge part of how we connect in modern-day human nature, I imagined what it would look like in “gorilla nature.” From Musuka, the YouTube chef with top gorilla recipes, to Matabishi, an adventurer tracking his daily step count through the mountains of Rwanda, we built a video campaign in which these endangered creatures weren’t simply far off creatures in a different world, but complex creatures sharing their lives through social media—even tweeting with the likes of some familiar faces.

My Role

Art Direction Lead




Megan Knoph - Work bestie


London International Awards 2018

Silver – Young Creatives