Ad Age Young Creatives Cover Competition


Ad Age

The Ask

Each year Ad Age invites young creatives from all over the world to design a global-themed cover for its June issue. The prompt this year was “how might you put your creativity toward good, whatever “good” means to you?

Our Response

Virtual reality is branded as a fun experience that puts you in scenarios you might not ever come across otherwise. But what if it was a glimpse into someone else’s life? Particularly someone less fortunate. It might stay with you long after you hit the “OFF” button.

The Process

We brainstormed on ways in which creativity and technology could do real good in the world. With VR growing as a serious form of entertainment we thought, what better way to communicate taking a step in someone else’s shoes than in virtual reality? So we imagined a VR experience that opened someones eyes to what living in a war-torn city is like. For the shoot, we tracked down a VR lens, employed a millennial model and used photography from a bombing in the Middle East.

Work Wife

Megan Knoph