AAA Life




AAA Life is working toward building awareness and brand equity. Their #thisiswhy campaign has been very successful resulting in site traffic up YOY by 74%, branded search traffic increasing by 25%, and display and social ads performing above goal CTR 3x and 4x respectively. Their next ask was for us to add sonic branding, animation, video and radio elements that would further build brand awareness and brand equity.

My Role

  • Introduce sonic branding into to the campaign. Research has proven — when visuals and sounds are associated with brand names —memorability and breakthrough for the brand is enhanced
  • Strengthen the campaign by introducing ownable branding elements to distinguish AAA Life in a crowded “protection” space
  • Position AAA Life as the life insurance provider of choice among members
  • Introduce animation in emails, on the website and in OLA to give the campaign life

The Hug

Nothing in this world feels better than thinking about your loved ones achieving great things and living fully comfortable lives. The thought evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling, similar to that of a hug. A hug offers a layer of protection. That’s exactly the added peace of mind AAA Life can give you by helping to make sure your loved ones will always be taken care of: #thisiswhy

Elements of brand evolution

  • The AAA Network Ring visually represents protection around those who matter most
  • The Network Ring always encircles the family member(s) — those representing who you want to help protect most
  • In video and animation spots, the Network Ring draws on screen, encircling those on frame
  • In all end-frame logo animations, an accompanying three-note chime hits each A in the AAA logo

Senior Couple Grandson and Grandpa and Siblings